Mon Tulfo Arrested: Why was Ramon Tulfo Arrested? Charges Explained

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Mon Tulfo

Mon Tulfo

A news story told us that Ramon Mon Tulfo, a well-known journalist and broadcaster, had been arrested. The news about this just came out. A lot of questions about the arrest of the broadcaster have been asked on the Internet. There are still a lot of questions to be answered. The Manila Police District confirmed that Tulfo had been arrested, but what are the accusations and charges against him? This will be talked about in the next parts of this column. You have to follow the parts of this article that are shown below. Please scroll down and take a look at what’s below.

Mon Tulfo Arrested

A cyber libel complaint led to the arrest of the well-known broadcaster, the source said. You may now be wondering if the police still have him in custody or not. The source says that Ramon Mon Tulfo is still being held by the police. The police are questioning him about some claims. The journalist is being held at the detachment at Manila City Hall. But the Manila Police haven’t said anything else about why he was taken into custody yet. Reports said that the complaint to the police was made by Vitaliano Aguirre II, who used to be the secretary of justice. So far, that’s all we know about his arrest. Let’s find out more about Ramon Mon Tulfo as a person. Please move on to the next section for more.

Why was Ramon Tulfo Arrested?

The broadcaster who was arrested is the brother of Raffy Tulfo, who ran for senator and won, and of Ewin and Ben. Ewin and Ben are both well-known people on TV. Also, the broadcaster who was arrested is the brother of Wanda Tulfo Teo, who used to be in charge of tourism. Wanda Tulfo Teo was in trouble while she was in charge of tourism. At the moment, Ramon Mon Tulfo is 75 years old. Read on to find out more about him and the news about his arrest. Move the mouse down.

A warrant for his arrest was made public, and he was taken into custody. He is 75 years old. Judge Maria Victoria Soriano Villadolid of the Manila Regional Trial Court issued the arrest warrant. Also, the Manila Police Department asked the complainant’s lawyer for help in arresting the broadcaster. The police will keep the 75-year-old broadcaster in custody until further notice. We are working hard to find out more about Ramon Mon Tulfo’s arrest, and you can be sure that we will keep you up to date. Keep coming back to this website to learn more.

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