Money can be received from abroad on Kumari Bank’s Visa Debit / Credit Card

Kathmandu. Kumari Bank Limited, in collaboration with Visa International, has made it possible for its customers to instantly receive remittances from any country in the world on their Visa Debit / Credit and Prepaid cards.

From abroad, you can easily send money to Kumari Bank’s debit / credit and prepaid Visa card through mobile / internet banking or Visa card and remittance companies.

Anish Tamrakar, Head of Digital Banking, said that this is a reliable and convenient way to send money directly from abroad via Visa Direct to your Visa card. Freelancers can also use this facility to earn their income directly on Kumari Debit / Credit and Prepaid.

The bank has stated that an additional incentive amount of Rs 500 will be provided to those who receive more than Rs 15,000 in direct transactions through this system.

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