Monsoon occupies 3 states in Nepal and is expanding in a few days

Monsoon in Nepal

Monsoon enters Nepal’s Province 1, Province 2, and Bagmati Province on Friday likely to cover the country in few days

Monsoon is likely to spread across the country in a few days, according to the Department of Water and Meteorology.

Department spokesperson Suman Kumar Regmi said in a press release on Saturday that the risk of floods and landslides is likely to increase this year with the arrival of the monsoon. 

The department has also urged the public and concerned bodies to take necessary precautions during the monsoon season as there is a possibility of a significant increase in water flow in large and medium rivers and inundation in Terai and Chure areas due to sudden flow in small rivers and streams.

Based on the climatic pattern, the department estimates that most parts of the far west, Karnali, Gandaki and Bagmati regions and the central and western hilly and mountainous regions of Province 1 will receive above average rainfall during this monsoon period.

Similarly, the Department of Water and Meteorology has estimated that Lumbini, Gandaki, and Bagmati will receive average rainfall in the Terai and the western part of Province 2 and the Terai of Province 1 and the eastern districts of Province 3 will receive below-average rainfall.