Tokyo Olympics: Italy’s Sensation in Athletics

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iltay tokyo olympics

Italy’s sensation was seen again at the Tokyo Olympics on Friday. 

Italy, who had previously won two gold medals in athletics, won the men’s four-time 400 relay gold medal on Friday. Britain won silver and Canada won bronze.

This is Italy’s first relay medal in 70 years. This is the first gold medal in the Olympics. In the women’s event, Jamaica won gold, the United States won silver and the United Kingdom won bronze.

Poland, which has performed better than expected at this year’s Olympics, has won a gold medal in walking.

David Tamamala of Poland won the gold medal in the 50 km walk. Jonathan Hilbert of Germany won silver and Ivan Dune of Canada won bronze.

In the women’s 20 km, Palmisano Antonella of Italy won gold, Arena Sandra Lorena of Colombia won silver and Li Hong of China won bronze.

In the men’s 5,000m, Jesuha Kiptegai of Uganda won gold, Ahmed Mohammed of Canada won silver, and Paus Salimo of the United States won bronze.

In the women’s 400 meters, Saun Milbo Omar of the Bahamas won gold, Meriditi Paulinho of the Dominican Republic won silver and Alison Felix of the United States won bronze.

This will be the last Olympics for world sports star Felix. She is competing in the Olympics for the fifth time in a row.

She has won Olympic and World Championship gold medals in 4×100, 4×400, and 400m. She has long been a member of the US two-distance relay team.

Liu Seong of China won the women’s javelin throw gold medal after poor performances by Maria Andrejic of Poland, Christian Hosang of Germany, and Maggie Malone of the United States. With this gold medal, China managed to keep its distance from the United States. On Friday, China and the United States won two gold medals each.

Andrejic won a silver medal in that event. Casey Barber of Australia won the bronze medal.

In the women’s 1,500 meters, Kenya’s Faith Kipigayan won gold, Britain’s Laura Muir won silver and the Netherlands’ Sifana Hassan won bronze.

In the women’s beach volleyball final, April of the United States and Elix defeated Archo del Solar of Australia and Clancy of Australia to win the gold medal. Switzerland’s Varg Depre and Heidrich won bronze.

In boxing, the men’s heavyweight boxing team won the gold medal by defeating Gadzimavo of Cuba’s Jilua Dr. Cruz of the Russian Olympic Committee.

In women’s cycling medicine, Britain won gold, Denmark won silver and the Russian Olympic Committee won bronze. In the men’s sprint, Harry Laverson of the Netherlands won gold, Hoagland Jeffrey won silver and Jack Carlin of the United Kingdom won bronze.

In the women’s hockey final, the Netherlands defeated Argentina 3-1. Britain won the bronze medal by defeating India.

In the men’s 74kg freestyle wrestling, Sidakov Zouvarek of the Russian Olympic Committee won gold, Khajedev Mohamed of Bulgaria won silver and Kate Douglas of the United States and Bezkod Abdur Khanomov of Uzbekistan won bronze.

In the men’s 125 kg weight category, Gewal Don Stevenson of the United States won gold, Geno Petravseli of Georgia won silver and Taha Akzul of Turkey and Amir Hussein of Iran won bronze.

In the women’s 53 kg freestyle, Mayu Mukaidu of Japan won the gold medal by defeating Pang Quin of China in the final. Vanessa Kaladjinakaya of Bulgaria and Ochir of Mongolia won bronze medals.

In the modern pentathlon women’s event, Britain’s Kate French won gold, Lithuania’s Laura Ausdato won silver and Hungary’s Kovacs Saratola won bronze.

In women’s football, Canada won gold, Sweden won silver and the United States won bronze. Canada, who have been excellent on the defensive since the start of the tournament, saved themselves from many of Sweden’s most formidable attacks in the final.

The match was decided on the basis of a tie-breaker after a 1-1 draw in the final. The game ended in sudden death after a 2-2 draw in a tie-breaker.

In the women’s sport of climbing, Janja Garnet of Slovenia won gold, Mino Nonaka of Japan won silver and Akiyo Noguchi of Japan won bronze.

In the men’s table tennis, China won gold, Germany won silver and Japan won bronze.

In the men’s singles karate, Reyu Keukai of Japan won gold, Daniel Quintero of Spain won silver, Ali Sofoglu of Turkey and Torres Gutierrez of the United States won bronze.

In the men’s 75 kg category, Busa Luigi of Italy won gold and Rafael Achayev of Azerbaijan won silver. Haloi Gabor of Hungary and Horuna Stanislav of Ukraine won bronze medals in the event.

In the women’s 61 kg weight category, Serbia’s Perekova Javana won gold, China’s Jiz Zhaojin won silver, and Turkey’s Kavon Merv and Egypt’s Lofty Guinea won bronze. For the first time, Japan’s grip on karate has been strengthened.

The United States and Japan have reached the final of women’s basketball after winning the semi-final on Friday. In women’s volleyball, the United States and Brazil have reached the final.

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