Most areas of Sunsari inundated due to continuous rains and Flood

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Most areas of Sunsari have been inundated due to continuous rains. 

Settlements have been inundated due to a lack of drainage and rising water in the canals.

The floods in Tengra and Budhi rivers have inundated the banks and surrounding wards. Even in Dharan, there is a problem of flooding in the area around the Seuti and Adheri rivers, according to the police.

The Kuruwa River in the Inaruwa area has overflowed and flowed from the road. Settlements along the Sunsari River are at risk due to rising water levels.

Similarly, most of the southern part of the district has been inundated due to floods and lack of proper drainage of rain water. According to the Sunsari Police, 200 families have been shifted to safer places so far.