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July 10, Kathmandu. Most of the municipalities are making public their policies, programs and budgets today. Some municipalities have already made it public.

There is a legal provision that the municipalities have to submit the policy, program and budget by June 26 and pass it by mid-July. Accordingly, most of the municipalities are bringing policies, programs and budget today.

The central government had brought the budget on May 29 and the state government on June 25. Based on this, the local levels bring the budget. According to the Intergovernmental Finance Transfer Act, the local level should have submitted the budget by July 25.

Recalling this provision, the federal government had drawn the attention of the local level to bring the budget on time. The Ministry of Finance has warned that if the budget is not received on time, there will be problems in the distribution of grants and revenue from the federal government to the concerned local level.

Earlier, some municipalities could not pass the budget on time due to lack of financial discipline and inability to spend. In order to prevent such a situation from happening again, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development had instructed the local level to submit the budget to their village and municipal council by 10 am as per the letter of the Ministry of Finance.

People’s representatives have been elected in all the municipalities except Budhi Ganga Municipality of Bajura. The people’s representatives of those municipalities are busy in making public the policies, programs and budget.

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