‘My Guaranteed Return Insurance Plan’ by Reliance Life Insurance made public

Kathmandu. Reliance Life Insurance has unveiled an insurance policy plan with guaranteed returns, ‘My Assured Return Insurance Plan’. Chief Executive Officer of the company Rakesh Pokharel informed that ‘My Assured Return Insurance Scheme’ was unveiled during a function held on Tuesday.

Under the insurance plan, the insured will be able to pay the premium as per their requirement. In addition, by paying premium for a limited time, they will be able to get protection during the insurance policy period. The company claims that up to two and a half times the guaranteed return on this plan.

Reliance Life Insurance Company’s first objective is to ‘provide excellent plans and services’. According to Pokhrel, ‘My Sure Insurance Scheme’ is still the highest quality product in the Nepali life insurance market.

According to the company, the insurance plan comes with a return guarantee of 2 times the basic premium for a 16-year policy and 2.5 times the basic premium for a 20-year policy. The company has stated that the insured who wants to avail additional facilities in this insurance policy can avail additional supplementary contract facilities by paying additional fee.

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