Naagin 6 Today’s Episode 3rd April 2022 WU Pratha Gets Into The Trouble

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Hello all the entertainment seekers, finally the weekend is here along with the fresh episodes of your favorite TV drama “Naagin 6” where uncounted twists and turns are going to make their appearance to take you into a different space. Yes, you heard right, the coming broadcasting are containing a high voltage drama as Shalakha has executed her fatal plan against Pratha while mixing the poison into the Yamuna River, so that, the water flow could spread it in the entire nation. But as far as the viewers are concerned so Pratha will definitely do something to save the entire nation.

Naagin 6

The recent episode begins where Shalakha asks Pratha about that dark night when she was disappeared from the eyes of her close ones, and meanwhile, expresses her doubt as well. Meanwhile, Pratha replies to her by slamming that she does not need to interfere in her personal life despite knowing that they do not have any connection, and at the same time she warns Shalakha to mind her business otherwise would be inappropriate for her. After making many attempts Shalakha wonders that she will have to do something then she tries to manipulate Pratha and sends her to the mansion which is located in the deep forest.

Shalakha makes Pratha understand that her all answers are kept by her enemies under the mansion which is located far from their city. Pratha says that how did she know everything and what is the reason behind this surety, Shalakha says that no matter what happens but she knows better than her and if she is helping then Pratha should get it. Pratha gets influenced by her., and says that she will definitely go there to solve the mystery. But she does not know that it was only a part of Shalakha’s lethal plan or nothing else.

After a while, when Pratha reaches the mansion and tries to enter in she gets shocked to see a lion in front of her, she gets scared to see it and says how could he come here. Meanwhile, she also turns herself into the Naagin so that, she could compete against him to save her life. In short, the coming episode is bringing a huge battle between Lion and Naagin so you could amused how would the episode be amazing. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.