NASA spacecraft in the Sun’s atmosphere for the first time

NASA spacecraft

The US space agency NASA spacecraft has entered the solar system for the first time.

Scientists announced at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union on Tuesday that the spacecraft, called the Parker Solar Probe, had entered the Sun’s atmosphere for the first time. They say the spacecraft has not yet been explored and has entered outer space, also known as the Corona.

The NASA spacecraft traveled this April. The spacecraft, which entered the outer part of the sun during its eighth flight, sent the information only a few months later, and scientists said it took more time to confirm the information.

Johns Hopkins University project scientist Nur Raofi described the arrival of the spacecraft in the Sun’s atmosphere as encouraging.

NASA spacecraft

The sun does not have a solid surface, which is why it is active in the corona region. Exploration of areas with high magnetic activity is expected to make it easier to understand the energy that the sun suddenly emits.

Parker Solar Probe was sent in 2018. The spacecraft was 13 million kilometers away from the center of the sun when it crossed the rough and uneven boundary between the solar atmosphere and the wind blowing in space.

According to the scientist, Parker Solar Probe had entered and left the Corona area up to three times. The Corona area is dustier than previously thought, Raofi said. He also said that future trips to the region would reveal more about the origin, warming, and spreading of solar wind in space.