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July 9, Kathmandu. The second edition of the nationwide interwada table tennis tournament organized by Nepal Spin Event Pvt. Ltd. will be held from September 7 to 8.

Social worker Purna Shankar Shrestha has been the main sponsor of the competition which aims to get ward level teams from all over the country to participate. Shrestha will provide half of the estimated budget of Rs 1.5 million to the spin event.

Shrestha and Suman Shakya of Spin Event signed the agreement. After the agreement, the main sponsor Shrestha said that they have helped in the ward level competition to support the players. Shrestha hopes that his support will inspire the younger generation in the game of table tennis.

The top 16 players in the men’s and women’s divisions will not be allowed to participate in the tournament on the basis of national rankings. The organizers believe that such competitions will be an opportunity for new talents.

Despite being called a nationwide inter-ward competition, players from 443 wards participated in the first edition held last year. The organizers have estimated that the number of participating wards will increase this time. It was informed at a press conference held on Thursday that the technical committee of the Nepal Table Tennis Association would send letters to the wards from the districts where table tennis is popular.

The competition will be held in 7 categories including men’s team, women’s team, men’s singles, women’s singles, veterans men’s singles (over 40 years), veterans men’s singles (over 50 years) and veterans men’s singles (over 60 years). One genre has been added compared to the first edition.

The total prize money of the competition to be held at the National Table Tennis Training Center in Lanchaur is 230,000.

The players who win gold and silver in the men’s and women’s singles will get Rs 30,000 and Rs 15,000 respectively. The two semi-finalists will each receive a prize of Rs 7,500.

The gold and silver winners in both the categories will get Rs 10,000 and Rs 5,000 respectively and the two semi-finalists will get Rs 2,500 each.

Wada, who tops the medal table in the team event, will receive a prize of Rs 50,000 and a Running Shield.

This is the seventh table tennis tournament to be organized by Spin Event.

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