Nepali Congress has urged the government to ensure a successful immunization campaign

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The organization department of the Nepali Congress (NC) has encouraged the government to make the anti-COVID-19 immunization campaign more successful.

Department chief and former Deputy Prime Minister Gopal Man Shrestha issued a press statement on Monday evening emphasizing the importance of appropriately reacting to the pandemic.

According to him, 1.3 million elderly citizens are waiting for the vaccine booster shot, and the government failed to deliver the second shot on time, as required by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The main opposition has also accused the government of (mis)using the pandemic lockdown to extend its term, claiming that all political parties were accountable for ensuring the safety of Nepali citizens in the face of COVID-19 problems.

Shrestha went on to say that the government chose to dissolve parliament despite the possibility of forming a new administration led by NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba.

Former Vice President Shrestha expressed confidence that the party would hold its 14th general convention on September 1-4, as stipulated in the party legislation and constitution.

On June 17, the NC central committee will convene to choose the date for the general convention. All parties involved have been advised to prepare for the general convention, according to the department.