NEA starts Electricity concrete pole production in Morang

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NEA Electricity concrete pole

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has started the production of electricity concrete poles at Tanki Sinuwari in Morang.

NEA is going to produce a large number of poles with the aim of promoting pole production and making electrification more effective.

The concrete pole plant project under NEA’s Engineering Services Directorate has completed the construction of the Tankisinuwari plant and started trial production. 

The plant will produce 8, 9, and 11-meter poles used in power distribution. 

The plant, constructed at a cost of Rs. 145 million, has an annual pole production capacity of 33,580 units.

Manoj Silwal, Deputy Executive Director of the Directorate of Engineering Services, inspected the test product today and instructed the project management to start production at full capacity on a regular basis.

He mentioned that bringing poles from far away would save transportation costs and time after starting pole production from the plant.

According to project chief Parmar Dhirsen, the trial production was delayed due to the ban issued for the control and prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic and the delay in the arrival of goods and technology from India.

He informed that the plant will run at full capacity in a few days if there is no technical problem in the test production.

The poles produced from the plant will be mainly supplied to the districts of Provinces No. 1 and 2. 

NEA is currently producing concrete poles from Kotre in Tanahu and Amalekhgunj in Parsa while a plant is under construction in Lamki in Kailali.

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