NEB Postpones Class 12 examination indefinitely in Nepal

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class 12 examination

The National Examination Board has decided to postpone the Class 12 examination in Nepal

Secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Ram Prasad Thapaliya informed that the board meeting held on Saturday has postponed the Class 12 examination which is scheduled to be held from August 15 to August 25.

He said that the examination was postponed due to the increasing number of corona infections and difficulty in conducting the examination. “We have postponed it for now,” he told Online News. It has been decided to give information by issuing notice fifteen days before the rest of the examination.

Earlier, the Covid-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) had written to the board to set a new date, saying it could not conduct an immediate examination due to the growing corona infection.

Students’ organizations and parents have been demanding that all test takers and all those involved in the test be suspended if they cannot manage the vaccine against covid.

A few days ago, Minister of State for Health Umesh Shrestha had said that corona infection could be done through internal evaluation without physical examination. But the National Examination Board had been saying that the preparation for the exam had reached the final stage and the exam would be held.

With one week to go before the exam, the board has postponed the exam immediately after the CCMC requested a new date on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health.

How was the exam preparation going? 

The board had started preparations to keep only 25 students in a class by maintaining a physical distance. In addition, all the centers were instructed to conduct health check-ups at the examination center, to perform PCR tests before the examination, and to have a health dex at the center.

The Board of Examiners was preparing to conduct 100 integer examinations this time. The board had taken the exam last year by reducing the exam time and score load. The board had taken the exam only for a 40 percent assessment.

The remaining 40 percent of the assessment was based on the results of class 11 and 20 percent was based on the internal assessment. The board had designated 4,310 examination centers for 372,348 candidates in class 12.

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