NEB to conduct SEE in Baishakh & Class 12 exams in Jeshth

NEB exams

NEB has determined that the Secondary Education Exams (SEE) will be held in the months of Baishakh and Jesth this year.

According to Dr. Mahasram Sharma, Chairman of the NEB, the Board decided on Saturday to hold the SEE exam in Baishakh (April 14–May 14) and the Grade 12 exam in Jeshth (May 15-June 14 15).

“In a few days, the examination schedule will be made public,” Dr. Sharma stated. He urged students to begin preparing for the SEE and Grade 12 exams as soon as possible.

Dr. Sharma assured that the exam results would be released on time to avoid interfering with the academic calendars of Grade 11 and Bachelor’s students.

According to Sharma, the National Examination Board (NEB) intends to conduct Grade 10 exams at the provincial level and Grade 12 exams at the national level.

According to the constitution, class 8 should be local, class 10 should be stated, and class 12 should be national.