Nepal Airlines gets Flight Permission from Dubai

Nepal Airlines

The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has given permission to the Nepal Airlines Corporation to fill the flight on the basis of the PCR test report.

According to the sources of the corporation, the Dubai Authority has given permission to the corporation to fly to Nepal on the basis of the report of the PCR test at 12.45 pm last night. 

The corporation will now be able to operate two flights a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Earlier, the Dubai Authority did not recognize the passengers of the corporation even after conducting a PCR test. 

Dubai had stopped the ship of the corporation to bring passengers while boarding on the night of August 9. 

Dubai did not recognize the PCR test conducted by Kathmandu Medical College. 

Sixty passengers of the corporation were not stranded when Dubai stopped them. Captain Sanjay Vaidya flew the corporation’s narrow-bodied ship (AKX, flight number RA 299) empty-handed and returned this morning with 140 passengers. 

But the private sector Himalayan Airlines was recognized by the PCR test conducted from the ‘health desk’ set up at the airport by the same college. 

According to corporation sources, the corporation is preparing to fly to Dubai twice a week at 11:30 pm on Monday and at the same time on Wednesday.