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Nepal Airlines to departure China for Covid-19 Vaccines

08 July 2021 08:38 AM | UPDATED 5 months ago

08 July 2021 08:38 AM

A Plane of Nepal Airlines Corporation is going to China to bring vaccines against Covid-19.

The corporation’s A-330 ship is going to Beijing to bring the ‘Vero cell’ vaccine. 

The Ministry of Health and Population spokesperson, Dr. Krishna Kumar, said that the vaccines will be brought through three flights from Thursday to July 23. Krishna Prasad Poudel informed.

According to the Ministry of Health, the ship, which will leave China on Thursday evening, will deliver the Vero cell vaccine to Kathmandu on Friday. 

He said that the number of vaccines coming to Nepal will be determined only after the first consignment is brought.

The Ministry of Health is preparing to give priority to people under the age of 60 after the arrival of the vaccine in Nepal.

The government is about to buy the Vero cell vaccine from a Chinese Sinopharm company. 

The government has signed an agreement to purchase vaccines from China through government-to-government (GTG).

Vaccination of Covax facility will also be done soon

The ministry has also informed that the government will soon bring the vaccine through the Covax facility.

 Ministry spokesperson Dr. Poudel said that the remaining vaccines are being prepared as per the commitment of Covax to provide vaccines to a population of 6 million.

Earlier, only 348,000 vaccines were received through Covax. 

So far 4.248 million vaccines have been received in Nepal.

A total of 22 million people over the age of 18 in Nepal are targeted to be vaccinated. 

So far, 851,300 people have been given the second dose and 261,807 people have been given the first dose.

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