Nepal Covid-19 cases: 944 new cases, 297 recoveries today

Nepal Covid-19 cases

Nepal Covid-19 cases: According to the Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal’s Covid-19 tally as of Saturday afternoon was 928,837.

According to the ministry, 944 new cases have been confirmed in the country in the last 24 hours.

During this time, 9,762 swab samples were analyzed using the RT-PCR method, with 696 of them returning positive results. Similarly, 3,502 people had antigen tests for the virus, with an additional 248 testing positive.

7.12 percent of PCR and 7.08 percent of antigen samples tested positive, bringing the overall per-day positivity rate to 7.11 percent.

There are currently 6,140 active cases across the country. There are 509 of them in hospitals, 81 in intensive care units, and 14 on ventilators.

In the last 24 hours, 297 people have recovered, while the government claims there have been no deaths.

So far, 814,006 people have recovered from their injuries. Similarly, 11,602 people perished, according to the ministry. The country’s recovery rate is 97.9%, and its death rate is 1.4%.

In the meanwhile, 243,460 persons were immunized today.