Nepal government is ready to help landless: Bal Krishna Khand

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Bal Krishna Khand Nepal Government

Nepal government has stated that it is seriously doing its homework to provide land ownership to the landless by forming an all-inclusive commission to remove the procedural, legal, and technical shortcomings seen in the Commission for Disintegrated Land.

Home Minister Bal Krishna Khand told reporters that the commission formed by the previous government had some procedural, legal, and technical shortcomings. The government has taken it seriously. 

Let no one escape from it. It is the sincerity and desire of the government to address all. ”

He said that the government was committed to addressing the issues of concern of the citizens in the constitution and process as the fundamental rights of the constitution have ensured these things to the landless and Dalits. 

Home Minister Bal Krishna Khand said, “We would like to urge all stakeholders involved in resolving the issue of landlessness. There is no need to rush and politicize this issue.”

He said that the constitution has laid the groundwork for one-time allotment of land to the landless and Dalits and provision of proper accommodation and land to others.

He said, “The government is committed to giving red cards to the landless in a timely manner. The commission will be formed soon by amending the missing issues.

The commission will start its work immediately.” The government is very sensitive and serious about this issue. 

As there is no dilemma in making the citizens the owners, we want to complete the process and distribute the parts to them.

” The government has stated that the commission should be dissolved to rectify the shortcomings in the formation of the commission.

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