Nepal Khanal faction has convened an emergency meeting

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On Monday, the Nepal Khanal faction will hold an emergency meeting.

The meeting will focus on Prime Minister KP Oli’s six-point appeal for party unity, which he issued on Sunday night.

The leaders of the Nepal-Khanal faction should withdraw their signatures proposing Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba as the next Prime Minister, according to Prime Minister Oli.

The leaders of the disgruntled faction have had mixed reactions to Oli’s six-point appeal.

Some of the disgruntled faction’s leaders are enthusiastic about the six-point appeal, while others dismiss it as a ruse to keep power in the party.

The appeal has been welcomed by youth leader Yogesh Bhattarai, one of the leaders of the Nepal-Khanal faction, who is actively working to keep the party united.

The Prime Minister’s appeal, according to Bhattarai, will help keep the party united.

“This statement has paved the way for the taskforce’s continuation. It will assist the task force in clarifying and resolving issues,” Bhattara said, adding, “The task force should reach a conclusion on the protection of the Constitution, democracy, and party unity.”

Surendra Panday, Ghana Shyam Bhusal, and Gokarna Bista are also enthusiastic about the party chair’s appeal, according to sources close to them.

They have not, however, stated what they will do in response to the writ petition filed in the Supreme Court (SC).

Other leaders, such as Bedu Ram Bhusal and Ram Kumari Jhankri, have characterized the appeal as a ruse to turn the tables in his favor.

Leader Bhusal claims that party chair Oli threw a card with the intention of conspiring against the Nepal-Khanal faction’s leaders.

If Prime Minister Oli truly wants to return the party to its previous status, he said, he should call the May 16, 2018 meeting.

Similarly, the appeal has been labeled a conspiracy by Nepal-Khanal faction leader Jhankri.

Today, the Nepal-Khanal faction is holding a meeting to formulate an official response to the appeal. According to a leader, the meeting will begin at 11 a.m.