Nepal Police and State Police Bill in clause-wise discussion

July 9, Kathmandu. The House of Representatives has referred the Nepal Police and State Police (Operation, Supervision and Coordination) (First Amendment) Bill, 2079 BS to the Parliamentary Thematic Committee for discussion.

In the second meeting of the House of Representatives held on Thursday, Home Minister Bal Krishna Khan had submitted a proposal to send the bill to the concerned committee for clause-wise discussion. Which has been unanimously approved by the assembly.

According to Home Minister Khanna, the bill was introduced to bring the federal capital under the security of the Kathmandu Valley (Kathmandu, Lasaltpur and Bhaktapur). According to him, this provision is currently being implemented through an ordinance.

Stating that in many countries of the world, there is a practice of keeping the federal capital under the center by making special arrangements for its security, the previous government had brought an ordinance to keep the valley under the security center through an ordinance. The present government has brought the bill arguing the same.

As the House of Representatives has sent the bill to the thematic committee for clause-by-clause discussion, now the parliamentarians can propose amendments to the bill. The committee has the practice of discussing and passing the amendments of the parliamentarians together.

After the thematic committee submits the report of the bill in the assembly again, the assembly decides and sends it to the National Assembly. It has to be passed by the National Assembly and sent back to the House of Representatives. After being passed by both the houses, the bill will be implemented as an act after reaching the President through the Speaker.

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