Public Transport in Nepal

Nepal Preparing to allow all public transport from Monday

The deadline given by transport businessmen to drive all types of public transport in defiance of the administration’s directive has been extended to three days.

After a joint discussion with the Chief District Officers of all the three districts of the Kathmandu Valley today, the representatives of the businessmen and trade unions have agreed to wait till next Sunday.

Dharmaraj Bhandari, central president of the Nepal Transport Workers’ Union, told Media that he has been driving all kinds of vehicles since Monday after seeing Kovid’s condition.

Representatives of transport businessmen and trade unions had informed all the three district administration offices in the Kathmandu Valley that all short and long distance vehicles would be operated from Friday.

The three district administrations had issued joint directives to operate only local vehicles with a capacity of more than 25 seats on the basis of force. 

The traders ‘and workers’ organizations had warned against using force and driving all kinds of vehicles at the same time.

On Thursday, the district administration office, Kathmandu, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, the chief district officers of all three districts had discussions with representatives of transport businessmen and trade unions.

According to Chairman Bhandari, all long, medium and short distance vehicles will be running from Monday if the Kovid infection does not get worse than now. 

In case of increased infection, the decision will be made accordingly.

“We were told to operate all public transport from tomorrow,” he said. “CDO Chief understood our demand and asked for two more days. We agreed to operate from the 5th July.”

Criteria for operating a vehicle are also specified. Corona Vicer should be publicized. Workers will have to wear masks and face shields. 

Sanitizer should be placed on the door of the vehicle. Passengers will have to wear masks and only carry retail money.

If the standards are not followed during the monitoring, action will be taken according to the prevailing law.

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