Australia has contributed $7 million to Nepal’s COVID-19 response

Felicity Volk Australia

Nepal has received an additional AUD $7 million (NPR 635 million) in funds from Australia to help with the COVID-19 response.

According to a statement released by the Embassy here, this financing is part of a AUD $17.5 million package to help Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka in strengthening the South Asian region’s resilience.

According to the statement, Australia’s support would strengthen Nepal’s ability to combat COVID-19 by providing crucial equipment and health supplies, such as oxygen for provincial hospitals and personal protection equipment for health workers.

This cash, according to the Embassy, will be sent to our trusted and established partners working on the ground in Nepal, in collaboration with the activities of other donors such as the US, UK, Japan, and UN agencies.

The Australian government has said that it will continue to support the provision of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines to Nepal, including through COVAX.

Felicity Volk, Australia’s Ambassador to Nepal, stated that Australia is striving to assist Nepal’s most vulnerable populations.

“Australia and Nepal have a long-standing connection and a tradition of assisting each other in times of crisis,” she said, adding that Australia is worried about COVID-19’s destructive effects on Nepal and the region.

“With this aid, we will work with the Nepalese government to address pressing health needs, including supporting regional hospitals and vulnerable communities,” she said.

“The people of Nepal are on the minds and in the hearts of the Australian government and people.”