Nepal Stock Exchange

Nepal Stock Exchange loses 22.03 points closing at 2,813.52

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index fell 22.03 points on Wednesday, finishing at 2,813.52 points.

Contrary to investor expectations that the release of local level election dates would result in record highs in the stock market.

Following Monday’s announcement of the local level election date, May 13, Nepse fell for the second day in a row today. On Tuesday, Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) fell 16.30 points to settle at 2,835 points.

On Wednesday, a total of 6,520,628 shares from 223 companies were traded in 45,112 transactions, resulting in a turnover of Rs 3.4 billion. On Tuesday, the turnover was over Rs 6 billion, up to Rs 5.2 billion on Monday.

After the market closed today, the Sensitive index was at 528.99 points, down 3.51 points; the Float index was at 191.90 points, and the Sensitive Float index was at 168.86 points, with all 13 sub-indices closing in the red.

The top gainers for the day include Liberty Energy Company, Arambha Chautari Microfinance, Janautthan Samudayic Microfinance, and Life Insurance Corporation Nepal, while the top losers include Bhuddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower, Nepal SBI Bank Debenture 2086, Everest Insurance Company promoter shareholders, and Nepal Hydro Developers.

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