Nepal Supreme Court to hear Only urgent cases

Nepal Supreme Court

Nepal Supreme Court: Because of the virus’s increasing prevalence, the Supreme Court has decided to hear only urgent cases beginning today.

Because Corona was growing, the full court sitting on Tuesday (full court) decided to cut its service beginning on Wednesday.

According to a press release issued by Supreme Court Spokesperson Baburam Dahal, only writ petitions concerning habeas corpus and the Covid epidemic, the urgency of life, and fundamental rights of public health and public importance will be heard on a regular basis.

During that time, cases involving withdrawal, settlement, and conciliation will be heard on a regular basis, and detainee petitions and reports will be heard in accordance with the country’s criminal procedure. Similarly, detainee cases will be heard, appeals will be heard, and appeals will be heard, with no orders to withdraw registered candidates from the government. Nepal Supreme Court

The meeting decided to set up procedures for the High and District Courts, as well as other tribunals, to take action based on an assessment of the local situation, risk situation, and contagious situation.