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Nepal telecom authority mdms Live, Grey Phones to be blocked

MDMS: The mobile device management system was put into place by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority on Thursday in Nepal. Activate Now!

To prevent the unauthorized importation of mobile phones into the nation, the controlling authority for telecommunications has established the MDMS. All mobile phones brought into the country will need to be registered after the mobile device control system is put into place.

The mobile device management system is a centralized, government-owned system that uses each phone’s individual IMEI number to keep track of all phones and similar electronic devices that enter the country (s). This covers tablets, feature phones, bar phones, smartphones, and more.

No one in the nation may use a phone that is not registered with the NTA. This holds true for newly imported smartphones. According to the NTA, old phones will be automatically registered.

Nepal telecom authority MDMS

The NTA has urged users to only purchase registered phones. People can enter the phone’s IMEI number at to see if the device has been registered or not.

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