Nepal vs Bangladesh SAFF match on Wednesday

Nepal vs Bangladesh SAFF

Nepal vs Bangladesh semi-final match of the league on Wednesday in the SAFF championship being held in the Maldives. 

Nepal will enter the final if they win or draw with Bangladesh.

After winning the first two matches, Nepal lost 1-0 to India in the third match. After 28 years of struggle in the SAFF Championship, Nepal’s journey to the final was pushed to a game with the defeat to India. (Nepal vs Bangladesh)

India and Maldives are also playing on Wednesday. The team that reaches the final will be decided from Wednesday’s game. Kiran Shrestha, assistant coach of the Nepali team, said that they will play to win the game against Bangladesh.

Despite the same 6 points, Nepal has dropped to the second position due to the defeat of India when the Maldives climbed to the top position on the basis of goal difference. If Nepal loses the match against Bangladesh, the team will be eliminated from the competition. Even if the game is tied, Nepal will reach the title race by adding 7 points. If Bangladesh wins, They will reach the final. (Nepal vs Bangladesh)

The team that loses the match between Maldives and India will be eliminated from the competition. India with 5 points will be eliminated even if they draw. Hosts Maldives will reach the final even if they draw or score.

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