Nepal vs Kuwait live ACC Women’s T20 match today

Nepal vs Kuwait

Nepal vs Kuwait live: In today’s second match of the ACC Women’s T20 Championship, Nepal will play Kuwait.

Nepal and Kuwait will compete in Malaysia.

Nepal won the first match on Friday by 50 runs over Bhutan.

Kuwait is still striving for its first win after losing the first match due to weather. Weather forced a tie in the first match between Kuwait and Bahrain.

Nepal had beaten Kuwait in their previous two matches.

In this championship, Nepal competes in Group B. The other members of Nepal’s alliance are the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, the State of Kuwait, the Kingdom of Bhutan, and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

After one game, Nepal has already earned two points and is in first place in the group. With one point, Kuwait is in third place.

On Monday, Nepal will take on Bahrain, and on Tuesday, Hong Kong will face off against the victor.

The semi-finals will feature the two best teams from each group after the group round matches are completed. In order to determine the champions of the Women’s T-20 Asia Cup Cricket, the two teams that advance to the final round of the tournament will be chosen.