Nepal weather today: Chances of rain from Thursday

Nepal weather today

Nepal weather today: The weather will be cloudy, rainy, and snowy from Thursday due to the influence of western winds. 

Meteorologists have predicted that the effect of this system will be unfavorable till Saturday.

Currently, there is partial cloud cover in the hilly areas including Province No. 1 and Madhesh Pradesh, and fog in many places in the Terai. Meteorologist Manju Wasi said that it will rain tonight and tomorrow (Thursday) in Far West, Karnali and Gandaki.

After that, its influence will spread to other states as well. “The effect of this system is that there will be snow and rain in the highlands,” said the meteorologist. She informed me that there is a possibility of light rain in Kathmandu Valley on Friday and Saturday. Nepal weather today

According to a bulletin issued by the Meteorological Department of the Department of Water and Meteorology, light rain is expected in a few places in each province from Thursday.

Light rain is expected in the western part of the country on Friday along with Gandaki, Lumbini, Bagmati, hilly areas of State 1, and some parts of Madhesh. Light snowfall is expected in the highlands.