Nepali Artists requests for vaccines to Finance Minister

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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Nepali film industry has been badly affected,Nepali Artist Requests Vaccines

 According to producer and director Ashok Sharma, Corona has pushed the film industry back 10 years. 

Billions of rupees have been invested in the film, which is being prepared for release and has been halted due to incomplete filming, while cinema halls are being closed. 

Most of the congested areas have been reopened as the ban has been relaxed, saying the infection has subsided. 

However, the government has been silent on reopening the indefinitely closed film sector since the start of the second phase of the Corona epidemic. 

Meanwhile, film-related organizations are urging filmmakers to allow the film industry to operate by providing corona vaccines. 

On Friday, a team from the Film Artists’ Association met Finance Minister Janardan Sharma and demanded that filmmakers be vaccinated against corona. 

The president of the association, Rabindra Khadka, said that the film workers should be safe first to make the film sector mobile. 

He said that budget has also been demanded the construction of the association’s building. 

During the meeting at the Ministry of Finance, the actors also discussed with Minister Sharma how to move the film sector in a difficult situation. 

Khadka said that he was positive about the artist’s demand and expressed his commitment to helping as much as possible. 

Many artists were present at the meeting with Minister Sharma.