Nepali Market Lacks Cetamol considered useful in Pandemic

Cetamol Nepal

There is a shortage of Cetamol in the Nepali market, which is considered useful by the general public in the prevention of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

While the wave of the third wave of covid is spreading in Nepal, there is a lack of Cetamol.

There is no reliable diagnosis other than the vaccine against covid. However, in the case of fever and cold due to covid, use of Cetamol has been taken by the medical field as an effective remedy.

At this time, Cetamol is not easily available in the market. Sabina Shrestha of Gurjudhara said, “After visiting five shops, I finally found Cetamol in the sixth shop.”

Like him, Saroj Upakareti also said that his brother had to come to Veer Hospital after finding fever in the market.
Santosh KC, senior drug manager at the Department of Drug Management, claimed that he had heard rumors that Cetamol was not available in the market but that it could not be true. He said, “Citamol may be less in the market than before.”

According to KC, due to the Covid crisis, the production of private companies has decreased due to the inability of industrialists to get raw materials

He said that there has been a lot of pressure and debate in the department recently on the issue of fixing the new price of Cetamol, but that it would not be justifiable to increase the price of Cetamol during the epidemic.

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