Nepali Share market (NEPSE) declines after 144 point rise


The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), which had experienced a course correction and had been steadily rising since Thursday.

Experienced another course correction on Tuesday after a 144-point rise.

Today, the market is once again in a downward spiral.

Today, the stock market index measuring share turnover fell 10.78 points to 2936.66 points, according to NEPSE sources (Tuesday). Nepse has dropped 0.37 percent. Meanwhile, the Sensitive Index increased by 1.10 points to 547.46.

Today, 16 million 4,530 shares of 224 companies were traded for a total of Rs 8.44 billion in turnover.

According to NEPSE Statistics, out of the total 13 subgroups traded, shares of four subgroups increased while shares of the remaining nine subgroups decreased.

On Tuesday, API Power Company Limited had the highest turnover. The company’s revenue was Rs 28 crore 11 lakh 39 thousand.

On Tuesday, however, Samling Power Company Limited investors made the most money. The share price of the company has increased by 9.49 percent to Rs 649.30.

Manushi Microfinance Financial Institution Limited’s share price has dropped the most today. The company’s stock price dropped 5% to Rs 1,540 per share.

Experts see Tuesday’s drop in the NEPSE index as a natural course correction and are optimistic about a rebound soon, as the ruling alliance’s high-level political coordination committee has agreed to hold local elections in Baishakh.