Nepali share Market: Transaction amount exceeds Rs. 20 billion

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Nepali share market

Nepali share Market: A new record has been set in the share market. The share transaction amount has reached a historic record of not less than Rs 20 billion.

Spokesperson of the Nepal Stock Exchange Murahari Parajuli said that a new record has been set, breaking the previous record of Rs 19.50 billion. NRB had brought monetary policy for the current fiscal year last Friday.

The monetary policy has set a maximum limit of Rs 120 million for loans secured by shares and has given continuity to the existing arrangement of getting loans up to 70 percent of the share valuation. 

The Nepse index declined on Sunday for the first time since monetary policy.

The Nepse index had risen within a few minutes of opening. 

The Nepse index, which started declining later, has been declining even after the close of trading.

On Sunday, the group sub-index of microfinance and manufacturing companies turned green, while the rest declined. 

Despite the decline in the Nepse index, there has been enthusiasm in the transaction amount.

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