Nepal’s rejection of SPP is commendable – Online Khabar

Nepal's rejection of SPP is commendable - Online Khabar

July 9, Kathmandu. China has lauded the Nepalese government’s decision to reject the US State Partnership Program (SPP).

Addressing a regular press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin praised Nepal’s decision not to remain in the SPP.

“China, as a partner in strategic cooperation and a close neighbor, appreciates the decision of the Nepalese government,” said Wenbein. It also looks forward to working with Nepal to safeguard regional security, stability and prosperity. “

At a press conference, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Nepal was aware of the dispute over the SPP.

Various political parties and factions, the government, the army and the general public have linked the SPP military strategy to the Indo-Pacific Strategy, which is contrary to Nepal’s long-standing non-aligned foreign policy. Therefore, the Council of Ministers of the Government of Nepal has decided not to move forward in the SPP.

China has been silent on Nepal for a long time since Nepal approved the US project Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in Parliament. After the debate over MCC ratification began here, China protested, saying the United States was pressuring it to pass a resolution in parliament.

China’s defense minister, who has remained silent since then, said just weeks ago that the United States was pursuing a strategy to encircle China through the Indo-Pacific, which was creating tensions. At the time of his statement, the issue of SPP was being discussed in Nepal.

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