NEPSE goes downtrend, declining 19.65 points Wednesday

NEPSE: The stock market has begun to fall once more. The market has started to decline again since yesterday, after improving.

The market has dropped 19.65 points today, according to the Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE). The NEPSE index has dropped to 2631.32 points after the market fell 0.74 percent.

Today, a total of 4,967,471 shares from 231 firms were traded for Rs 2.57 billion. The transaction amount has also dropped Wednesday due to the decline in NEPSE.

On the day of the market crash, the hotel’s sector gained 66.66 points, non-life insurance gained 77.23 points, and mutual funds gained 0 points. Today, the Other category suffered the highest losses. It was down 57.13 points.

Today, investors in Emerging Nepa Limited have made the best 9.98 percent profit, while investors in United Idimardi Hydro have lost the most 4.92 percent.

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