NEPSE increases by 19.43 points on Monday, January 10


NEPSE: On Monday, the Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) climbed by 19.43 points.

With today’s increase, the index now stands at 2784.95 points.

Today, 14.28 million shares of 236 firms were exchanged, resulting in a Rs 7.123 billion turnover.

Except for banking, hotel tourism, and manufacturing, all categories’ shares have increased in recent years. Today, the life insurance group’s share has climbed the greatest, by 218 points.

Similarly, non-life insurance shares rose by 190 points, others rose by 113 points, finance rose by 78 points, trade rose by 57 points, and hydropower rose by 40 points.

Today, shares in Gurkhas Finance worth Rs 220 million were acquired and sold. The Madhya Bhotekoshi stock has a positive circuit. Union Hydro and Corporate Development Bank have both had their stock prices rise by about 10%.