Nepse market index has reached a new high of 2,856.67 points

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The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) seems to be breaking records at an alarming rate in recent weeks.

Whether it’s the rise in the benchmark index or the increase in daily turnover volume, the country’s lone secondary market has been breaking records one after the other.

Today, the last trading day of the week, the Nepse index also established a new high. It climbed 29.55 points to a new high of 2,856.67 points. The previous high was set on Sunday, when the benchmark index reached 2,827.93 points.

Meanwhile, the sensitive index rose 7.96 points today to 513.11 points, while the float index rose 2.76 points to 197.23 points. Today, 34,691,312 shares were exchanged in 155,655 transactions for a total of 34,691,312 shares.

Today’s daily trade volume surpassed Rs 16.90 billion.

The development bank subgroup gained the most today, increasing by 3.74 percent or 146.02 points to 4,050.32 points. Meanwhile, the hydropower sub-index was the largest loser of the day, falling 2.04% or 60.03 points to 2,880.97 points.