Stock market plunged to a record high of Rs 12 billion

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On Sunday, the first day of the week, there was a landslide in the stock market. 

The Nepse index, which had been rising for a few minutes after the start of trading, fell to a high point when the market closed.

The Nepse index, which reached a record high of 3,000, fell below 2,900 on Sunday. The share price of most of the companies traded on Nepse has declined and all the market group sub-indices have been seen at night.

Nepse Stock Market

The Nepse index has dropped by 74.30 points to 2,894.13 points. As the Nepse index decreased by a large number, the transaction amount has improved more than the previous transaction. Less than Rs 11 billion was transacted last Thursday, while on Sunday it was around Rs 11.5 billion.

Shares of very few companies rose on Sunday. Today, bonds are on the rise, while finance and development bank groups are among the biggest losers.