NEPSE witnessed a downtrend on Wednesday, January 19


The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) saw a sharp drop. The NEPSE index, which measures share turnover, dropped 38.35 points to 539.65 points.

NEPSE has fallen 1.31 percent. The Sensitive Index increased by 1.43 points today to 539.65.

According to NEPSE, 1837,215 shares from 228 companies were traded for a total of Rs 6.21 billion.

On Wednesday, the shares of all 13 subgroups traded fell.

Most transactions were made by Api Power Company Limited. Today, the company’s revenue was Rs 20.32 million.

Similarly, Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower Company Limited investors made the most money on Wednesday. The share price of the company has increased by 9.97 percent to Rs 287.80.

Ghalemdi Hydropower Company Limited’s share price has dropped the most today. The share price of the company fell 4.34 percent to Rs 353 per share.