The new teams in Euro Cup final after 17 years

Euro cup final

Italy and England will face each other for the title of Euro Cup final 2020. 

England beat Denmark 2-1 in extra time in the second semi-final on Wednesday night to secure a match with Italy in the final.

In the game at Wembley, England reversed the result even after falling behind by one goal. Earlier, Italy defeated Spain in a penalty shootout to reach the final.

England has reached the big tournament’s final after 55 years and the Euro Cup for the first time. Earlier, England had won the World Cup at home in 1966.

Similarly, England has become the 13th team to reach the final of the Euro Cup. Earlier, 12 teams played in the final while 10 teams have already won the title. Yugoslavia and Belgium have yet to reach the final to win the title.

Similarly, after 17 years, the new team has reached the final in the Euro Cup. In 2004, two new teams, Greece and Portugal, reached the final. Where Greece defeated Portugal to win the title.

Italy and England have reached the final unbeaten. Italy has won all six of its matches so far. Italy won three games of the group stage without conceding a goal, winning one of the three games of the knockout stage in a penalty shootout and won in extra time.

Similarly, England had two wins and one draw in the group stage. England then beat Germany and Ukraine in regulation time, while Denmark lost in extra time.