NFL Player Joe Mixon Abuse On A Woman Named Amelia Molitor- Assult Charges

In July 2014, Amelia Moritol, a girl who was beaten by former Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon at a restaurant in Norman, released a video of the abuse. After she pushes him and hits him, a soccer player is seen hitting a woman. At a press conference on December 23, Mixon said he was sorry to Molitor, his family, and the college.

Joe Mixon is an American football player for the National Football League’s Cincinnati Bengals (NFL). Joe went to high school in Oklahoma and played soccer there. In the 2017 NFL Draft, the Bengals picked him in the second round.

Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon Abuse OF A Woman Named Amelia Molitor?

Amelia Moritol, a young girl, broke a bone in her face when Joe Mixon hit her. Because of this, she was knocked out and had to go to the hospital with four broken bones in her face. She had to have reconstructive surgery because of the tragedy.

The thing that happened happened in Norman, Oklahoma, on July 25, 2014. Mixon and his teammates were bothering her and her friends, according to Moritol.

Mixon and Molitor argued that they would fight Mixon, push his face, punch, spit, and hit him. Joe Mixon turned himself in for assault in October 2014.

The rental community says that the Mixon is a 5-star rental car and that it is one of the best in the country. In January 2014, Mixon played high school soccer at the University of Oklahoma.

He took 47 shots and chose Oklahoma out of Alabama, California, Wisconsin, and UCLA.

How Did The Assult Take Place?

Amelia Moritol told police that Mixon and his friends wouldn’t get sexual with her because they didn’t want to. Molitor told the police that Mixon and three other men came up to her while she was waiting for her friend to use the corner toilet on campus.

Molitor says she never saw Mixon until he hit her in the face and broke four bones. She said that Mixon “harassed” her and some of her friends at Pickleman before the event.

Mixon left the place after the punch. Molitor was able to get up from the ground and sit in a chair when the police arrived.

Moritol’s memory of what happened is a little fuzzy because she was drunk when she was beaten.

Charges Against Joe Mixon

People say that the punch threw her into the desk and broke her jaw. After that, Mixon was given a one-year prison sentence that was put on hold, and after 100 hours of group work, he was asked to be comforted once. In August, charges were made against Mixon, and he was indicted.

Before the first season of Snurs started, he was arrested in July 2014 and accused of beating a girl in a restaurant and breaking four bones in her face. On April 21, 2017, Joe told Amelia that he was sorry.

Molitor and Mixon have a disagreement that is not criminal in nature. Molitor told in a statement that she was glad to be able to solve the problem. She also said that she and Mixon talked about what happened without an attorney present.

Joe Mixon Got Homophobic Slurs

Molitor and Norman City tried to stop Joe Mixon and his authorized team from putting out a videotape in December, but they were unsuccessful.

He told Alford he was innocent but admitted that there was evidence against him. As a result, his sentence was put off.

During his first season, he was also suspended, but he was allowed to stay. Mixon was charged with aggravated assault the summer before he started college. He was said to have punched OU student Amelia Molitor on July 25 during a fight.

Joe was allowed to keep going to school and still get financial help, but he was not allowed to do anything with a team.

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