Ninth Lumbini Provincial Assembly begins

Lumbini Provincial Assembly

The ninth session of the Lumbini Provincial Assembly is starting today.

After the exit of the government led by Shankar Pokharel, the state chief convened a regular convention on August 11 after Kool Prasad KC of the UCPN (Maoist) became the chief minister with the support of four parties.

Chief Minister KC has an agenda to address the meeting to be held at one o’clock in the afternoon. Similarly, Chief Minister KC, who is also the Minister for Industry, Forest, and Environment, has an agenda to introduce a bill to amend the name of the state and some state laws and a bill to make provision for the forest.

Similarly, Dama Kumari Sharma, chairperson of the State Affairs and Law Committee, has an agenda to present the report of the committee on the bill to amend the State Medal Act, 2076 BS.

Fakhruddin Khan, chief whip of the Nepali Congress, said that the government would take a vote of confidence and expand the cabinet within a day or two after the start of the convention.

In Lumbini, Maoist parliamentary party leader KC was appointed chief minister last Thursday with the support of Congress, UCPN-M, JSP, Janamorcha, and independent MPs.