Suicides in Nepal

The number of suicides is increasing

According to the police reports, 5,673 people have committed suicide in the first 10 months of the current fiscal year.

 However, from the onset of the first wave of the corona epidemic to the second wave of the epidemic by mid-April 2078, about 4,669 people had died due to the corona infection.

The number of suicides has increased this fiscal year. According to the police, the number of suicides has increased by about 1.5 percent as compared to April of the last fiscal year and April of the current fiscal year.

According to the police, the impact of the Corona epidemic has started to be seen in the suicide statistics. All areas were paralyzed due to the government’s crackdown on the Corona epidemic on March 24, 2020.

Psychologists and psychiatrists have pointed out that long-term lockouts can lead to loss of livelihood, financial problems, unemployment and other mental health problems, which can lead to suicide.

That risk is now confirmed by police data. Of the 6,085 suicides in the fiscal year 2076/77, 5,673 have committed suicide in the first 10 months of the current fiscal year. Police estimate that the number of suicides may increase.

Police spokesperson SSP Basanta Bahadur Kunwar said that the main reason for the increase in suicide rate is the impact of the Corona epidemic. According to spokesperson Kunwar, the number of suicides has increased due to loss of employment due to corona, economic crisis, mental health problems due to domestic violence.

He says the increase in suicides is due to the economic crisis caused by the Corona epidemic, unemployment and the domestic violence it causes. It’s a risk that could increase. ‘ Spokesperson Kunwar estimates that the second wave of the Corona epidemic could have more negative effects on many more.

The state should be responsible

The Corona epidemic of the first wave did not subside and the second wave spread aggressively. It further affected people’s lives. Many members of the same family lost their lives. The level of stress has increased as the lives of those who support the family have gone up and down. The family itself has to be infected.

Psychologists point out that the causes of suicide vary. He says that financial, social, mental, family and other stresses lead to suicide.

The corona of the second wave has badly damaged all these pots. Dr. Saroj Prasad Vajha, head of the psychiatry and mental health department at TRIV Teaching Hospital, says that there is a risk of increasing the suicide rate due to this.

The main responsibility of the state is to prevent the suicide rate from increasing. Psychiatrists say that if the state provides mental health problems as well as physical health care, the suicide rate will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, in order to reduce suicide, immediate treatment facilities, information services and public awareness should be created at the community level. Vajha suggests.

According to him, public awareness about mental health problems should be raised in every local level toll and village. Mental health problems should be treated. It is also important to spread information and awareness about the benefits of drug treatment. Skilled manpower should be increased for mental health treatment.

Dr. Vajha understands that most people do not know about the treatment of mental health problems. Some hospitals and organizations, including teaching hospitals, offer psychotherapy and treatment. But very few people know about it. Most are out of reach, leading to various stages of mental health problems leading to suicide.

Dr. Vajha argues that the treatment of mental illness and mental health problems in the state should not be limited to the limited population of Kathmandu. Dr. Vajha says, “The state should provide medicine and treatment services to help people with mental illness and mental health problems. Otherwise, tomorrow we will be in a situation where the suicide rate has increased so much that we are just counting the numbers. ‘

Along with the state, the family plays a key role in preventing the suicide rate from rising. Psychologist Dr. Karuna Kunwar says that the family needs to be aware of the mental health problems of the family members.

He said that the family should get in the habit of sharing their pain and talking openly. Psychologist. Kunwar says, ‘Depression can occur as mental stress increases. Talk openly about depression, seek treatment. If this can be done, the person concerned can be prevented from committing suicide. Psychiatrists and psychologists are worried that if the state and the family are not sensitive to this issue, suicide will become more complicated than corona.

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