Oldest woman alive 399 years old? Real or Fake  Debunked

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Who Is the World’s Oldest Woman, Aged 399 Years? Real or Fake: A few days ago, the public was stunned by a video of a monk rumored to be 163 years old. Now, some Internet users believe there is a lady who is 399 years old, but this is not true. Since it first appeared on TikTok in January, the monk’s viral video clip has sparked numerous theories. Here is everything you need to know about the lady who many belief is 399 years old, as another internet hoax spreads. Continue reading to learn more.

Who Is the World’s Oldest Woman, Aged 399 Years?

Internet users were taken aback when they first discovered videos and reports indicating the existence of a lady who is believed to be close to 400 years old. Though this information is false, the monk featured in the video is the same monk who became an internet sensation due to his young age. The video clip has resurfaced on the Internet, with some claiming that the person viewed in it is 399 years old. The Internet’s obsession with the Buddhist monk Luang Pho Yai or Luang Ta appears to be unabated. Thus, here is all the information you need to know about him.

The World’s Oldest Woman 399 Years Old

Luang Pho Yai is actually 109 years old. The Buddhist monk resides in Thailand and rose to global prominence as a result of videos shared on TikTok by his granddaughter, @auyary13. Her profile is filled with numerous TikToks of Luang Pho Yai. One viral video in which he is seen praying for a small child from a hospital bed has racked up over 88 million views! The video’s caption reads, “When the small grandson came to call, Luang Ta could feel the care and love.” Amen.” “I am summoned to knock on the head for the great-grandchildren.”