Omicron: Nepal reports first two cases of New Covid Variant

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Omicron: A new variant of coronavirus Omicron infection has also been confirmed in Nepal today.

At a press conference organized by the Ministry of Health on Monday, Joint Spokesperson Sameer Adhikari said that Omicron infection has also been confirmed in Nepal.

A 66-year-old foreign national and another 71-year-old Nepali national who was in contact with him have been confirmed to have omicron infection on December 6. According to the ministry, they were tested on November 23.

Both were vaccinated against the coronavirus. The 66-year-old foreigner had entered Nepal through Tribhuvan International Airport on November 19, the country where the new variant was confirmed. Upon arrival in Nepal, the PCR report was found to be negative and the amount of vaccine was completed as per the rules.

But the symptoms were similar to those of Covid-19. According to the Ministry of Health, Omicron was confirmed for the first time in Nepal on 5 December when it was tested using the gene sequencing method at the National Public Health Laboratory, Teku.

The results of the contact tracing of 66 people were negative

Both are currently in isolation as per the criteria set by the government. At present, they have no symptoms and are being monitored by health workers, the ministry said. While tracing the contacts of 66 people who came in contact with the two persons, it was found that all of them had negative results and all of them were healthy.

On November 24, 2021, the corona mutated omikron virus was first identified in South Africa. This variant has so far spread to more than 35 countries. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Scientific facts are being sought about the rate at which the virus is transmitted and the health complications caused by the infection.

According to preliminary estimates by the World Health Organization, Omicron is at high risk in Southeast Asia. This variant has been confirmed in some countries of South Asia including neighboring India.

See the press release issued by the Ministry of Health

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