Market trade in Nepal

One crore concessional trade in a week

The Salt Trading and Food Management and Trading Company have trade at a concessional rate of about Rs 10 million in one week. 

Oil, sugar, gas, food grains, flour, and salt have been sold for more than Rs 3.688 million in a week, according to Salt Trading.

Similarly, rice and Karnali beans worth Rs 6 million have been sold, according to the Food Management and Trading Company. Both the companies have stated that they have sold the same amount of food and fuel in one week of strict ban.

Kumar Rajbhandari, information officer of the company, said that 12,666 kg of salt, 14,386 kg of sugar and 5,264 kg of flour were sold by Salt Trading from June 7 to 8.

The corporation also sold 6,134 liters of soybean cooking oil and 1,064 cylinders of cooking gas.

The company said that the amount was traded from Kalimati, Teku, Koteshwor, Jawalakhel, Satungal, Bhaktapur, Narayangarh and Banepa.

The company managed to sell 16,041 quintals of rice and 4,998 quintals of 19 kg of Karnali beans, said Mohan Prakash Chand, chief executive officer of the company.

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