One Piece Chapter 1053: Release Date, Spoilers, Countdown, Leaks, Read Manga Online

one piece chapter 1053 release date spoilers countdown leaks read manga online

Luffy and Zoro have finally awoken from their comas, and everyone is relieved to discover that they are still alive. Everyone is looking forward to the next exciting chapter of One Piece, in which we will finally learn the new bounty prices for our heroes. So, let’s take a look at all you need to know about One Piece Chapter 1053, including its publication date, leaks, and spoilers.

Let’s get started with the One Piece Chapter 1053 breakdown. The recent development in the manga series excites any manga reader who keeps up with the narrative. The series is still going strong, with over 1000 chapters completed, and fans are eager to see what will happen now that the main confrontation between Kaido and Luffy is finished.

The Five Elders are informed of Joy Boy’s return and Wano’s refusal to open its gates. Peace has returned to Wano a week later, with arrangements in the works for a suitable burial for Oden, Ashura Doji, and Izou. Despite being perplexed by Momonosuke’s new adult form, Luffy and Zoro heal, and the Straw Hat Pirates and Kozuki Family relax in preparation for Momonosuke’s impending Festival.

One Piece Chapter 1053

One Piece Chapter 1053

Release Date & Time for One Piece Chapter 1053

One Piece Chapter 1053 will be released on Sunday, June 19th, 2022 at 12:00 AM JST. One Piece is serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and a new chapter is released every Sunday. Raw scans will be accessible on Friday, followed by fan translations the next day.

Time Of Release

Now, for our international audience, official English translations of the most recent chapter will be accessible in the following countries by the following day and time:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM on Sunday
  • Central Time: 11 AM on Sunday
  • Eastern Time: Noon on Sunday
  • British Time: 5 PM on Sunday

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Leaks Sections of One Piece Chapter 1053

The raw scans for One Piece Chapter 1051 have yet to be released as of this writing. Raw scans are normally released on Thursday or Friday. We’ll update the story as soon as the raw scans are available. The scanlation process takes some time, but it shouldn’t take more than a few hours for a popular book like One Piece.

The scans are leaked from Japan, then translated by translators all across the world, and then posted on the internet.

Update 1: The Raw Scans will be available on Tuesday, June 14th at 11 pm UTC.

Update 2: the early spoilers are now out, have a look-

  • Buggy is the new emperor
  • We see Luffy’s bounty but not of the other SH’s
  • Luffy and Buggy are the new Yonko. Not Kid and Law.
  • Luffy, Kid and Law all have the same bounty
  • Buggy and the Straw Hats’ (except for Luffy) bounties aren’t revealed.
  • The Wano Country Arc hasn’t ended yet. We’re still in Act3
  • 4 week break then

Special Update: It has been confirmed that the One Piece manga will be on pause for four weeks in order for Oda to prepare for the series’ “Final Saga.” On June 24th, the series will take a break before returning on June 25th.

In 8-20 hours, the raw scan images will be available.

Before we go any further, here’s a quick recap of what’s transpired so far:

Summary of the Previous Chapter

After being told by the final CP0 agent, the Five Elders debate two recent key happenings in Wano Country: the emergence of Nika and the ensuing defeat of Big Mom and Kaidou during the Raid on Onigashima. An Elder stated that censoring such material would be impossible, and the other Elders are debating what to do. The agent has returned to the World Government fleet stationed outside Wano in the meantime. Zunesha has reportedly departed the area, according to him. Despite the fact that another Elder says that the country would keep its borders locked and that an invasion will be repelled, the spy is nevertheless asked to catch Nico Robin.


X Drake meets Basil Hawkins, who is hardly able to stand, at the Onigashima castle. Hawkins discovers that Drake is still a Marine, but the latter refuses to confirm it. Hawkins then leans against a post and tells Drake that he works for Kaidou because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t stand a chance. He did, however, accept that despite imminent death, Eustass Kid and Killer persisted to resist. He then tells Drake that the “certain man” who has a one percent chance of surviving the raid is none other than himself. He then passes out.

The raid and the Fire Festival have been over for seven days. A new teacher has replaced Sarahebi at a school in the Flower Capital, and she is revising the entire history course with a lesson on the life of Kozuki Oden.

Where can I find books to read online?

You may read all of the latest and prior chapters of One Piece online at VIZ’s website, or you can go to Shueisha’s English manga portal Mangaplus.

On your Android or iOS smartphone, you may also download Viz’s ShonenJump App or Mangaplus’s official app. The final alternative is to wait for VIZ or your local licensor to release the volume physically.
If you actually want to support its creators for their ongoing hard work and efforts, we strongly advise you to read the most recent chapters through official sources rather than unofficial and illegal ones.

About One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy is a boy who, inspired by his youth icon and legendary privateer “Red-Haired” Shanks, embarks on an adventure from the East Blue Sea in search of the nominal reward and proclaim himself King of the Pirates. Luffy saves and befriends a fighter named Roronoa Zoro, and the two set out to find the One Piece with the purpose of sorting out his own crew, the Straw Hat Pirates.

Nami, a guide and a criminal, Usopp, an excellent marksman and an obsessive liar, and Vinsmoke Sanji, a womanizing cook, join them on their adventure. They purchase a boat known as the Going Merry and engage in battles with the East Blue privateers.

Others, such as Tony Chopper, a specialist and humanized reindeer; Nico Robin, an excavator and former professional killer; Franky, a cyborg shipwright; Brook, a skeletal performer and fighter; and Jimbei, a fish-man helmsman and previous individual from the Seven Warlords of the Sea, join the team later in the arrangement.

The Straw Hat Pirates obtain a new boat, the Thousand Sunny, when the Going Merry is damaged and destroyed. As they travel the oceans in search of their fantasies, they encounter various privateers, abundance trackers, criminal organizations, progressives, mystery experts, and warriors of the degenerate World Government, as well as many friends and opponents.

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