Online classes becoming effective in Humla

Humla oanline classess

The online class started by Kailash Bodhi School in Simkot, the district headquarters of Humla, has proved to be effective.

For the first time since the government closed educational institutions due to the long-running second-wave corona infection, the school has been conducting online classes for the first time.

Even though the new academic session has started due to Corona, the classes from 19th to 22nd June class have been started through alternative medium online, said school principal Chawang Lama.

It is said that regular classes have been started from online classes for a few days after the school decided to start teaching from this 29 of June.

In the early days, only two or three students participated in each online class, but now that number has risen to 15.

 According to Principal Lama, English, Nepali, Mathematics, and Science subjects are being taught online.

He said that if the effectiveness of online classes is increasing and the internet is working well, it is planned to run all the classes.