When do I get the vaccine after filling out the online vaccine application form?

vaccine application

The government called for filling out a voluntary online application form for the first dose of vaccine against COVID-19. People 18 years of age and above who have not been vaccinated so far were invited to fill out the form.

The number of people filling up the vaccine application form in a period of about one month has reached around 1.3 million.

According to the Information Management Unit of the Ministry of Health and Population, 1.273 million 338 people have filled the voluntary application form till noon on Monday.

Those who have filled out the form are interested in when to get vaccinated. The head of the information management unit, Dr. Anil Thapa explains. However, the government will give priority to those who have filled the form in the criteria prescribed while conducting the vaccination campaign.

According to Thapa, the details received from the application form will make it easier to plan and arrange vaccination at the municipal level. He said that the website of the Ministry of Health can be visited to get this service.

How many filling in the application form daily?

More than 42,000 people fill out voluntary application forms for corona vaccine online daily.

But this number is not expected, says Dr. Thapa. He estimates that the number of people filling up the forms may have decreased due to the lack of information among the people about filling up the voluntary forms online.

How to fill those who do not have an internet facility?

Thapa said that the Ministry of Management has arranged for the citizens of places without internet facility to fill up online forms for vaccination. “All the municipalities have been instructed to fill up online forms for vaccination in places where there is no internet facility,” he said. “They can go to the municipality, ward office or health office with their identity card and record the details in hard copy.”

He said that health focal persons have been appointed in each municipality and they have made arrangements to fill the online form on the basis of the same hard copy. As the government will give priority to the people who have filled the online form in the age group to be determined while conducting the vaccination campaign, he suggested that the citizens of the places who cannot fill the form themselves and do not have internet facility should go to their municipality or ward office or health office.

When will I get the vaccine after filling the form?

According to Thapa, the head of the unit, it is not possible to get vaccinated as soon as the voluntary form is filled. When the government conducts the vaccination campaign, the people in the age group to be selected will be given priority and will be advised to come for vaccination.

Thapa said that those who have not filled the online form will not be sent a message to get vaccinated.

He said that when going to get vaccinated, one has to go to the vaccination center with the registration card or registration number or identity card to fill in the online form.

Even among senior citizens, priority is given to those who fill the form

The government has been conducting a campaign to administer the first dose of Verosel vaccine against Kovid-19 since June 10. Thapa said that priority will be given to the senior citizens who have filled the form within the age group specified by the government.

The government has given priority to the upper age group in the age group of 60-64 years in Kathmandu Valley and the age group of 62-64 years in the districts outside the Kathmandu Valley. Accordingly, the government has asked the concerned bodies to make arrangements for vaccination.

The government is set to launch a vaccination campaign on Tuesday after China recently provided one million doses of the vaccine.

According to the ministry, the number of citizens in the age group of 60-64 years is 854,000. A spokesman for the ministry said the first-dose vaccine would be administered to citizens of this age group to ensure a second dose. Krishna Poudel said.

According to the ministry, 435,112 people have already received the second dose of covshield and 279,000 people have received the second dose of verocell vaccine.

About 1.3 million people who have been vaccinated with Covishield are waiting for the second dose. The government has admitted that the Indian company Serum Institute could not provide the vaccine on time as it did not provide the vaccine as per the agreement.

After receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, the second dose of vaccine will be provided. Taranath Pokharel explains. Stating that the first dose of vaccine will also help prevent corona infection, he suggested following public health standards.

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