Open Aryan in politics, to help the friend who has declared his candidature in the election

Open Aryan in politics, to help the friend who has declared his candidature in the election

aaryan sigdel

Actor Aryan Sigdel. File photo

Kathmandu. Aryan Sigdel seems neutral about politics. Whether on social media or outside, he seems to be silent about it. But this time the actor has broken his neutrality regarding politics.

He appeared at an election rally on Tuesday. In a program organized in Kathmandu in the morning, he spoke in favor of Pokhrel, an independent candidate from Kathmandu Constituency No. 4.

He also said that he would support Pokhrel in the election campaign. He has been angry with the traditional political party for saying that he would support his 10-year-old friend in the election.

‘What happens when you support something positive? I have known him for 10 years. As a person who has not been involved in politics till now, I have come to the program seeing his positivity, ‘Sigdel told online news,’ I will support him in the election campaign as long as I have time. ‘

Dissatisfaction with the Aryan traditional party was also heard. “We internally supported the party and voted, but the result was not good. Now I support him with hope from people who are educated and understand the world, ‘said Aryan.

Besides, Aryan has some free time now. He doesn’t have a film right now, though he is looking for a good script.

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