Our candidate lacks confidence – Online Khabar

Our candidate lacks confidence - Online Khabar

July 8, Janakpurdham. Janmat Party President Dr. CK Raut said his candidate lacked confidence in the local elections.

Speaking at a program organized in Janakpurdham on Wednesday, Raut said that they were not defeated in the election due to money. “It’s not that we don’t win because we don’t have money. People have won even without money. “Those who have confidence have shown themselves to be mayors at the age of 21,” he said. “Our candidates lack confidence.”

He said earlier, “How can people vote when they do not believe in winning the election?”

Chairman Raut also accused other parties of spreading confusion against their own party and candidates. ‘Where you win, there is no money. Get up next time! ‘ He said that he had worked to reduce the confidence of his candidate by saying such things.

However, Raut said it was important for the party to win two seats. Raising the issue of Bharatiya Janata Party winning only 2 seats in 1984, Dr. Raut said the same party had now won 282 seats. “We too will reach 282 seats,” he said.

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